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How do you find a lost cat? Studies in the science of lost cat show that most people search for a missing cat based on outdated myths and lost dog tactics. No wonder few lost cats are found.

Maybe you've already tried the old wives tales like leaving out food or a dirty litter box and none of it worked. Maybe now you're considering expert advice so you know in your heart you've done everything possible to find your lost cat.

No matter where you are in your search, I can help. Use my knowledge and experience to improve your chances. My approach combines methods based on cat psychology, probability theory, tracking skills, years of experience and some cool hi-tech equipment.

Essentially, I've become an expert so you don't have to. Over the years, I have tested, analyzed and condensed the most successful techniques for finding lost cats so I can zero in on where your lost cat is and create a strategy to get them home.

If you can't afford to hire me in person, you can still take advantage of my strategy advice to get your cat found.  

After all, when it comes to finding a missing cat, the more you know, the better your odds.

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Lost Cat Help

Tell me about your missing cat here to get custom coaching, a recovery analysis, search strategy and 24/7 support. Let's work together to find your lost cat!

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Check out these happy reunions of lost kitties I've found for people all over the world.


Here you'll find examples of people who'd almost given up finding their lost cat, yet working together, we got their kitty home.

When it comes to missing cats, you'll be amazed at their survival skills, even in the face of coyotes and terrible weather.

Check out these stories and remember, unless you've found a body, there's a 90% your cat is out there -- somewhere.

These stories show how cats can survive against all odds. Inspiring!

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Lost Cat Finder Custom Analysis & Strategy

Get lost cat help from an expert pet detective who knows how to find lost cats.



 Visit my Reunions page for examples of lost cats found Thanks to coaching from the Lost Cat Finder in

17 countries worldwide.

Lost Cat Finder In Person
Search & Rescue

Get me the key info on your missing cat here so I can prep before I arrive look for your missing cat.

This plan includes 3 hours of on-site search time using all necessary equipment to recover your lost cat. 

Visit my Facebook page for examples of cats I've  found all over the Atlanta, Georgia, Austin Texas, and 17 foreign countries.

CBS Morning News 
The Cat Detective featured on a Morning News special report. Topic: "Pet Detective Kim Freeman finds lost cat Menchi along with her search cat, Henry."



The Lost Cat Finder "Atlanta local pet detective" joins Sheri Soltes of Service Dogs, Inc. for a segment of "My Pet" on KXAN.


This interview focuses on "how to find a lost cat" plus how to avoid the common mistakes most people make when looking for a missing cat, such as putting food and kitty litter outside.

Sheri's cat gets in on the action checking out the catnip and lost cat equipment on the table.


Time Warner News
Pet Detective Kim Freeman was brought in on a case of a cat who went missing when owner Susan was out of town.


Advice on some unusual but effective techniques to use during a lost cat case in Austin, Texas.

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