Atlanta pet detective helps get lost cat out of a tree.


After days of searching, Flea's owners called the Lsot Cat Finder to come over and help them search for their missing cat who had vanished on a Sunday afternoon.

Often, when an indoor outdoor access cat vanishes on a weekend, it's because there was something going on involving weekend yard work. 


This time, it was yard destruction that accounted for the missing cat. A neighbor about 6 houses away had a crew come in get rid of the bushes and fencing in his backyard. This had scared Flea up a tree.


Once we found the lost cat in the tree (which they had passed dozens of times before) we had to find a way to get her down.

She was about 40 feet up and it was an ivy covered tree truck so she could not climb down it on her own.

The ladder would not reach her, so we had to call in a Tree specialist named Normer who gets cats out of trees to climb up and bring her down. It was already dark when he arrived so this made for a more difficult night rescue operation.


Normer could not reach her; she went even farther out on the limb, so we had to set up a humane trap in the tree, then come down and wait.

After about a half hour, Flea went into the trap for the tuna, and we had her at last!

-- Kim Freeman, the Lost cat finder pet detective


© 2012 - 2020 by Kim Freeman

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