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Find your lost cat fast with these "Cat Detective" techniques.

Both the "Lost Cat Tips" PDF booklet and the "Lost Cat Tips Video" teach you guaranteed techniques gleaned from years of research, experience, and lost cat cases. It's all condensed into clear advice so you find your missing cat fast before the key window of opportunity slips away.

These materials have helped people all over the world find their lost cat when all else had failed.

"How to Find a Lost Cat" gives you serious advice from a lost cat recovery expert on how to find your missing cat quickly.

These professional "Pet Detective" guides are both guaranteed. Follow my suggestions, and you will recover your cat.

As you'll see, my advice goes way beyond the usual approach of "Post flyers & check shelters." I also explain the pitfalls of typical internet advice like putting out food, kitty litter or dirty clothes in your yard.

Get your cat back home tonight with these techniques. As the many relieved cat owners on my testimonials page will tell you, this advice will make a HUGE difference.

You'll be shocked at how much you didn't know about a lost cat search. 

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Kim Freeman

Cat Detective


Guaranteed advice.

Whether you choose the book or the video, these proven tips are guaranteed to work.

If haven't found your missing cat after following this advice, email me here and I'll gladly refund your book or video purchase.

You have nothing to lose but your cat.

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Kim Freeman

Lost Cat Finder, "Pet Detective"


Many people find their lost cat after skimming my instant PDF booklet.

If $14 is too much for you to handle, let me know.

I've dedicated my days and life to getting lost cats found before they end up injured or in shelters.  Please respect my intellectual property and do not share these materials. Other than searches, these books, videos and profiles are my only income.

Help me continue this important work, and good luck in your search!

how to find a lost cat

Expert advice from the Lost Cat Finder

If your cat is lost, you're probably so stressed you can't eat or sleep, worried you may never see your cat again. The good news is there are specific ways to find your cat fast using techniques based on the science of lost cat behavior.

First, avoid the many myths & methods that don't work. Find out how to triple your chances of recovering your lost cat using the latest knowledge and experience. Instant "how-to" advice is now available via e-book or video from a leading expert in lost cat recovery.

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