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These strategies have gotten lost cats found all over the world. Even after all else failed.

The instant booklet, "How to Find a Lost Cat" outlines cat types, recovery advice and case studies for each. The "How to" video shows you the steps: What to do when, and of course, How to do it.

Get both for a full arsenal of knowledge and target the best use of your time. After all, the more you know, the better the chances you find your cat.

Both these professional "pet detective" guides are guaranteed. Follow the appropriate technique for your situation and you will find your cat. Yes, that's a money-back guarantee. So you have nothing to lose but your cat.

As the many cat owners on my testimonials page will tell you, my guides made all the difference.

Do this for your cat. You'll be shocked at how much you didn't know about a lost cat search. 

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Kim Freeman

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"We got our cat home. For $24!"

Whether you choose the booklet or video, these proven tips are guaranteed to work.

If haven't found your missing cat after following this advice, email me here and I'll gladly refund your book or video purchase.

You really have nothing to lose but your cat.

Kim Freeman

Lost Cat Finder, Pet Detective

P.S. Many people find their lost cat after skimming just the booklet. If $14 is too much for you to afford, let me know.

I've dedicated my life to getting lost cats found. Please respect my intellectual property and do not share these materials. Other than searches, these books videos & profiles are my only income.

Help me continue this important work.


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how to find a lost cat

Expert advice from the Cat Detective

Finding a lost cat can be so stressful, it can be hard to sleep, much less stay organized or focused. The good news is, we have new techniques to find missing cats based on the science of lost cat behavior.

The first step is to avoid old methods that don't work. Over 12 thousand missing cats a week are never found because owners make preventable mistakes or give up too soon.

You will more than triple your chances of getting your lost cat found using these new techniques. This expert "how-to" advice is now available instantly via e-book or video.

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