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These strategies get lost cats found all over the world.

Have a look at my testimonials page to see the many owners who found their cats after reviewing my materials.

The instant booklet, "How to Find a Lost Cat" gives you the basics and the details you need to know to get your cat home. The How-to video shows you the steps: what to do, when, and how.

Once you've reviewed them, call me for a free consultation.

Remember, both my "pet detective" guides are guaranteed. Just follow the appropriate technique for your situation. You have nothing to lose but your cat.

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These methods are guaranteed to get your cat found or your purchase is refunded 100%.

Understanding the right way to search for your particular cat will make all the difference in whether you find them.

These materials will give you a full arsenal of info so you can target the best use of your time and find your cat fast. Because the more you know, the better your chances.

Avoid the typical mistakes everyone else makes. Learn the keys to getting cats found with short, easy-to-skim sections like:

The 3 Common Mistakes to avoid

The First 5 Crucial Steps to take

The #1 Indoor-cat recovery method

The 9 key questions to ask neighbors

The optimal wording for your flyers

How to make posters that get results

Sightings: 5 key questions to ask

How to lure your cat to you

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How to Find a Lost Cat
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How to find a lost cat:

Expert advice from the Cat Detective

These new, uncommon techniques are not the typical, outdated methods people have used for ages. Every day thousands of missing cats are never found because owners make the same common but preventable mistakes.

Both instant search guides on "How to Find a Lost Cat" give you all the tools and tips I use with world-wide results so everyone can benefit from my success in getting missing cats back home.

As hundreds of happy owners will tell you (see several on my testimonials page) my unusual advice gets cats found. Often owners tell me they thought they knew all about cats yet were shocked how much they didn't realize about searching and lost cat behavior.

Like them, you'll probably find your lost cat within an hour of reading the booklet or watching the video. I want every lost cat and owner to benefit from my experience, so if my materials are too much for you to afford, let me know.

NOTE: I've dedicated my life to getting lost cats found. Please respect my intellectual property and do not share these materials. Other than live searches, they are my only income. Help me continue this important work!

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Get your lost cat found with guaranteed  advice. For under $30

Finding a lost cat is more complex than many people realize, and understanding a few basics of displaced cat behavior is part of the puzzle in getting a missing cat home.

Searching for a lost cat can be so stressful, it's hard to sleep, much less keep organized and focused. The good news is we have new techniques for finding missing cats based on the science of lost cat behavior.