Help me find my cat


why many lost cats are never found

Most people search for  lost cats in misguided ways that fail.

Sadly, without expert support and guidance, they often give up within two weeks, assuming the worst

If your cat is missing, never assume or give up too soon!

Trying to find a lost cat can be exhausting and time consuming.

The process is so intense and stressful, you're going to need help, emotional support, and a good back. Not everyone is willing to crawl under houses and sheds to search for a lost cat. A lost cat search can mean wading through spiderwebs and storm drains, ditches of brambles, poison ivy and's all part of the job because these are exactly the

places lost cats often hide.

"Help me find my cat!"

It takes patience and persistence to recover a lost cat. Depending on what you did in the when your cat was first missing, your search could take weeks or even months. You will need a solid, planned-out strategy and enough rest to stay focused.

I understand how physically and emotionally hard this is. I'm on your

side, and I'm very determined to make your "lost cat" a "found cat" if you work with me.

Please consider my professional advice for your lost cat. Both you and your cat deserve the best odds you can get.

Get help to get your cat found.

Please note, the sooner you contact me, the better our  chances of getting your lost cat back.

Download my instant booklet "Tips for Finding a lost Cat" or contact me to discuss other options:

For additional support, here are additional people and organizations who can also help in various ways:

ASPCA, Pet Grief Counseling

Marta Williams, AC (website link here)

Martha Grace, AC

Amy Shojoi, Cat Care

Hilary Renaissance, AC

Lana Rich, Cat Consultant

Shadow Cats Sanctuary

Tree House Stray Cat Rescue, Chicago

Alley Cat Allies - TNR Program

Austin Pets Alive: no-kill shelter

Danielle at Animal Connection

John Paul Pet Wipes (cat products here)

Jackson Galaxy Cat Behavior

Kay Anderson - Animal Energy Worker

Thundering Paws Cat Rescue Haven

Austin Humane Society Cat Program

Atlanta Humane Society

Wood County Humane Society

Note: The top cities seeking lost cat pet detectives are listed below. If you live near any of these areas, please notify so we can check into any suspiciously large numbers of missing cats in these areas to investigate:

Lost cat los angeles LA

lost cat lafayette indiana  

key search zones near me:

austin lost cat found cat

lost cat pet detective dripping springs

lost cat wimberley

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If you or your organization would prefer a hard copy of my Search Guide mailed to you, order my "How to Find a Lost Cat book" below though Amazon with green cover:

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