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As a Lost Cat Pet Detective certified in lost cat search & rescue, I find missing cats all over the world. I know how most people approach a lost cat search and the mistakes they make.

This leads to 12 thousand missing cats every week who are never found. I'm working to change that with my new training and lost cat recovery techniques.

Pet Detective. Lost Cat Tracker.

Pet detectives get dozens of requests of "Help me find my pet" every day. One out of every 3 cats go missing in their lifetime, which translates to thousands of lost cats all over the world. Of the 12 thousand lost cats not found each week, many end up months later in shelters.

I know firsthand the devastating panic of a lost cat because my own cat was lost in 2008. I also remember the immense joy and relief of finding him and how grateful I was for my previous MPP tracking and search & rescue training.

Lost Cat Epidemic

After several years, I put together a comprehensive guide of these special tactics so you can find your own missing cat fast. "How to Find a lost Cat" is my instant e-book outlining steps for each type of missing cat scenarioplus how to avoid the usual big mistakes --- like leaving food and kitty litter outside.

Lost Cat Book

The methods in my instant PD, How to Find Your Lost Cat are based on my experience as a Pet Detective and  thousands of real lost cat cases. This condensed little booklet gives you the tested, proven techniques on how to search like a "Cat Detective" so you can find your cat without spending hundreds to hire someone.

Lost Cat Helpline

If you don't have time to skim the e-book, consider the Personal Advice Coaching option. I'll personally consult with you on your case and advise you on best steps.

If you're unable to perform a full search campaign on your own or work full time, I can come to you with my special tools and equipment to find your lost cat in person.

Missing Cat Recovery Services

If you'd do anything to find your lost cat, do this. Get my help now, either by email or in person.

Your cat is out there. I'll make sure you find them.

Kim Freeman

"The Cat Detective"


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